Thursday, December 11, 2003

Securing Permission for Copyrighted Works

This site provides a good summary of where to obtain for copyright permissions for various types of works:

Securing Permission for Copyrighted Works:
Expediting the Process with the Aid of Collective Rights Organizations

"There are many organizations that can aid you in your quest for securing permission to use copyrighted works. These organizations, by acting as agents for multiple copyright owners, can expedite the process of securing permission either by putting you in contact with the proper copyright owner, or by granting permission on behalf of the copyright owner. Many of these organizations can even grant “instant” permission online. By contacting the appropriate organization, you may be able to secure permission without having to identify, locate, or contact an individual creator of any particular work. Therefore, when starting from scratch, contacting the appropriate collective rights organization will likely be the best place to start your search."