Friday, May 07, 2004

OCLC Opens WorldCat Pilot

Courtesy of Eileen Deegan at IIP/G/IR:

I wanted to bring your attention to an item -- "OCLC Opens WorldCat Pilot
Project" -- in the March/April Fedlink Technical Notes newsletter that was
just posted online at --

This article outlines the current project in which OCLC has given Google
2,000,000 abbreviated WorldCat records. This means that by searching
Google, anyone can find out which libraries own each of those 2,000,000
books. The article is especially useful because it tells you what syntax to
use to search the WorldCat records on Google. The article says the pilot
project ends June 2004, and OCLC will decide whether to implement an ongoing
service on Google. I found it interesting to try out.