Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Currently in Congress 1 - 15 July 2005

The latest issue of Currently in Congress is available on the U.S. Mission to South Africa's IRC webpage:

Highlights: Answer Africa's Call Act, to implement measures recommended in the Commission for Africa; a resolution condemning the London bombings; a bill to reduce and prevent debris in our ocean's which threaten marine life and navigation safety; improving infrastructure and education for technology in the nation's minority institutions of higher education; a resolution honoring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor who recently retired from the Supreme Court bench; and of course appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 06.

Hearings include a review of the US relationship with the WTO, North Korean nuclear negotiations, native american land claims in New York, small business development centers, the national security implications of the possible merger between the China National Offshore Oil Corp. and Unocal, and money laundering in the Middle East.

Previous issues (including 15-30 June which wasn't posted to this blog) are archived on the website.