Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Currently in Congress 15 - 30 September 2005

The latest issue of Currently in Congress is available on the U.S. Mission to South Africa's Library webpage:

Highlights: Congress passed a continuing resolution to keep the government running, since Oct. 1 is the beginning of the 2006 fiscal year. So far, only two of the 12 regular spending bills have been passed into law, and Congress is busy working on the remaining bills. In addition, a House committee is considering an agricultural subsidies resolution, and the House passed the Head Start reauthorization bill.

Several ethics issues have come up in Congress, which are briefly mentioned, and the Senate approved the nomination of John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Hearing topics include the No Child Left Behind Act, UN reform, Darfur, housing programs for the poor, fighting methamphetamines, the regulation of political speech on the internet, and the Supreme Court's recent Kelo decision on eminent domain issues.

Previous issues are archived on the website.