Thursday, October 30, 2003

This was an announcement made by CRS on 9/23/03:

Legislation of Interest to CRS: Availability of CRS Products for Congressional Web Sites
The Committee on House Administration, following consultation with CRS, has announced implementation of a new system for making CRS written products available to House Members and committees for placement on their web sites. This new service, which became effective September 17th, replaces a pilot project with a limited number of House Members that has been in place for some time. The new service will facilitate the selective placement online of current documents that Members deem of value for electronic dissemination to their constituents. Members and committees will be able to search our Web site to identify appropriate products of their choosing and will then be able to link to the up-to-date version of those products through a server maintained by the House. As the Committee noted in its announcement, "[u]nder this approach, as each product is chosen individually, the principles of selective dissemination, timeliness, and accuracy are preserved, and concerns that flow from the specter of wholesale publication are avoided." CRS has also discussed options with the Senate.