Thursday, January 08, 2004

Electronic Advance Documents Service, January 4, 2004

January 4, 2004

Doing it Wrong and Doing it Right: Education in Latin America and Asia.
[Essays in Public Policy No. 110] 2003. [pdf format, 32 pages]
Item# 04AD255 MPP Theme: 12ED Geo: Global

The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer’s. January 2004.
[Gateway page, sections in various formats, various file sizes]
Item# 04AD249 MPP Theme: 15A Geo: Global

Holocaust Denial: A Global Survey - 2003. December 2003. [html format, 11 printed pages]
Item# 04AD251 MPP Theme: 12RE Geo: Global

Irregular Migration and Trafficking in Women: The Case of Turkey. Web-posted
December 2003.
[pdf format, 88 pages]
Item# 04AD253 MPP Theme: 10F Geo: Europe

Libya and Nonproliferation. December 23, 2003. [html format, 8 printed pages]
Item# 04AD250 MPP Theme: 2F Geo: Middle East

Making and Remaking America: Immigration into the United States.
[Hoover Essays No. 25] 2003. [pdf format, 61 pages]
Item# 04AD256 MPP Theme: 8A Geo: USA

Mexico: Country Profile for 2003. Drug Intelligence Report. November 2003. [pdf format, 36 pages]
Item# 04AD254 MPP Theme: 09 Geo: WHA

Talking Cure: A Case Study in Communication for Social Change.
[The Communication for Social Change Working Paper Series: No. 2] December 2003. [pdf format, 18 pages]
Item# 04AD252 MPP Theme: 12CSA Geo: USA