Monday, May 10, 2004

Titles from ADSURLS no.64, 2004

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eGovernment Leadership: High Performance, Maximum Value.  May 4, 2004.  [pdf format, 112 pages]
Item# 04AD597            MPP Theme: 12DEL                       Geo: Global

Globalizing Cooperative Threat Reduction: A Survey of Options.  [RL32359]  April 15, 2004.  [pdf format, 47 pages]
Item# 04AD602            MPP Theme: 02                  Geo: Global

Handbook of Federal Librarianship, 2nd Edition.  2004.  [pdf format, 74 pages]
Item# 04AD604            MPP Theme: 12ICG                       Geo: USA

Justice Expenditure and Employment in the United States, 2001.  May 2, 2004.  [pdf format, 10 pages]
Item# 04AD600            MPP Theme: 12LE                        Geo: USA

The Lessons of the Asian and Latin American Financial Crises for Chinese Bond Markets.  Web-posted May 6, 2004.  [pdf format, 15 pages]
Item# 04AD596            MPP Theme: 4K                  Geo: Asia

Living Together: A New Look at Racial and Ethnic Integration in Metropolitan Neighborhoods.  April 2004.  [pdf format, 20 pages]
Item# 04AD603            MPP Theme: 12DID                       Geo: USA

Rebuilding the Supply Chain of Foreign Affairs Leaders.  Web-posted April 29, 2004.  [pdf format, 6 pages]
Item# 04AD601            MPP Theme: 1E                  Geo: USA

Science and Engineering Indicators 2004.  Web-posted May 4, 2004.
Table of Contents:  [sections in html and pdf formats, various pagings]
Full Report, Vol. 1:  [pdf format, 496 pages]
Full Report, Vol. 2:  [pdf format, 454 pages]
Item# 04AD598            MPP Theme: 14H                 Geo: USA

Situation of Human Rights in the Darfur Region of the Sudan.  Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.  [Advance Unedited Version]  May 7, 2004.  [Microsoft Word format, 24 printed pages]
Item# 04AD595            MPP Theme: 12HR                        Geo: Africa

World's Worst Places to Be a Journalist.  May 3, 2003.  [html format, 4 printed pages]
Item# 04AD599            MPP Theme: 12MJ                        Geo: Global